Have you been wondering why your dog keeps barking? Is it because you are not home, or is it because you are not paying attention to the dog? There are so many things that can make a dog bark. Here are some tips on how to get your dog to stop barking!

When you are walking your dog, and he starts to bark, you have to ignore him! This means when you stop to look at him, he should stop too! Sometimes you do not even realize that you have walked your dog when he is barking. If you want to train a dog not to bark, it will take time and patience on your part.

Another way to train your dog not to bark is by using citronella. This is a natural smelling oil that your dog will love. All you have to do is put some down in the area where you are having the problem with the barking. Make sure that you spray the entire yard and not just the spot that your dog is barking at! You will want to make sure that you are away from your dog while he is barking!

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    mattw189 245 days ago Permalink

    my dog always barks too

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    hope 244 days ago Permalink

    Dogs left alone for long periods, whether in the house or in the yard, can become bored or sad and often will bark because they are unhappy. May be that's the reason

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