Music is the art of blending sounds from various sources, such as sound waves, voices, percussion, or musical instruments, to create a composition for play or entertainment. It is also known as music, or to create music. It is among the most universal, cultural, and artistic aspects of human cultures. The history of music goes far back into humanity's history, as can be traced to the Stone Age. In the past, music has been considered a crucial part of social communication. Thus, music and its practice had an important role to play in the communication process between people.
One of the most common
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Hip hop is an urban culture and artistic movement born in the Bronx, New York City, during the 1980s. The exact origin of this term is frequently debated. It's also frequently argued when hip hop began in the South or West Bronx, where the bulk of its original members was rooted. Hip hop continues to be a cultural icon for people across many different age groups and ethnicities.
The first widely known recording artist to feature on a hip-hop record was DJ Kool Herc. Known best as an emcee and performer, DJ Kool Herc was responsible for popularizing the phrase "YO!" at several early hip hop shows.
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A dress is an essential garment traditionally worn either by ladies or young girls, usually wearing an overall garment with an attached tight bodice. It consists entirely of a top portion that usually covers the upper body and hangs downwards over the opposite legs. A formal dress is any one-piece outfit containing a long skirt of any length and maybe casual or formal. On the other hand, young girls' dresses are usually shorter and may have patterns or embroideries. Formal dresses are usually worn for grand events such as prom or homecoming, while casual dresses are worn for everyday use or to
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