The blue whale, a marine mammal, classified as a baleen whale (having its species identified in 1824), is colossal baleen whale subspecies belonging to the monodontiform whale family. The exact identity of this colossal mammal is unknown. It is by far an enormous baleen whale to have lived, with the second-largest being the blue whale found off Alaska's shores. At a total length of 29.9 meters and weight of173 tonnes, it's the second-largest aquatic mammal known to have lived.
Although smaller than the other two types of baleen, the blue whale was nevertheless a top heavyweight when comparing
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Blue Crab Pets

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The blue crab, also known as the Chesapeake blue crab or field maggot, is a large species of crustacean native to both the cold Atlantic waters and the warmer Gulf of Mexico and the eastern Pacific Ocean. As the largest crab species in North America, this species is an excellent indicator of marine biodiversity. With over 900 documented species, this tiny crustacean is a valuable source for marine scientists studying ecosystems and evolution. Over one hundred and fifty blue crabs are recorded in the Chesapeake area, with over half of these being nesting females.
A small, dark-colored shrimp-like
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Genie is a legendary Persian horse who was fascinated by her rider, Irfan. They were part of an ancient caravan that belonged to the king of kings of Persia. The king forced his subjects to build him a stately palace. When this was complete, he sent Genie away to study magic and become an influential adviser to his subjects.
Genie was a very loyal and faithful companion to her master. She gladly accepted his commands answered gently within his palace walls, learning magic from her guide, Shahrazad. However, Genie's loyalty was tested when she witnessed her death at the hands of her own master.
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Do you own dogs? If you answer "yes," then you should consider yourself a member of the canine family. Dogs are members of the primate (or canine) pack, part of the animal kingdom known as the Canidae. Domesticated dogs have been domesticated for more than six thousand years. They are used for hunting, companionship, sport, and as loyal and faithful servants.
The domestic dog is a small canid, primarily found distributed across the globe. The original dog evolved from an ancient, extinct wolf, with the domestic dog being its closest living relative. Wolves, coyotes, and jackals are the most common
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Goldfish may look little and adorable in your home, however it's an alternate story in nature. Delivering them into your neighborhood stream or lake is an impractical notion. Following is a record of the video.

At the present time, Washington state is fending off an intrusion! The offender? Goldfish. Correct, you heard right.

A great many goldfish have pervaded the West Medical Lake and are swarming out the local fish populace. How did this occur? The Department of Fish and Wildlife feels that a couple of flighty pet proprietors are to be faulted. And keeping in mind that the goldfish may
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Are you fed up with your neighbor's dog constantly barking at night? Sorry, but there is no easy and quick fix to stop your neighbor's dog from barking at night. But several methods will help control the barking, in many cases. You could use a series of simple commands to teach your puppy to stop barking at night or give you the chance to take more proactive measures to quiet the annoying noise.
One way to stop the dog from barking at night is to train him with a bark collar. These come in many forms, including remote control, vibration, static, and battery operated. These training collars work
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Have you been wondering why your dog keeps barking? Is it because you are not home, or is it because you are not paying attention to the dog? There are so many things that can make a dog bark. Here are some tips on how to get your dog to stop barking!

When you are walking your dog, and he starts to bark, you have to ignore him! This means when you stop to look at him, he should stop too! Sometimes you do not even realize that you have walked your dog when he is barking. If you want to train a dog not to bark, it will take time and patience on your part.

Another way to train your dog not to
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